The idea came to us at the 2002 Battle Of The Year International breakdance competition, to have an international graffiti battle. The following year we started Write4Gold with 5 big events that year, the first 2003 champions where the GFA crew from Berlin. The main idea is to bring writers together and have a friendly battle in a nice, relaxed atmosphere. Graffiti is a competitive artform with no real rules or guidelines, but Write4Gold is an attempt to create a format where crews can compete evenly in graffiti. All crews gets the same conditions, same cans, same topic and same timeframe. So all disciplines of graffiti covered with the 4 categories (concept wall, throwup, tag and sketch) it all comes down to skill! The competition takes place on a bigger scale this year running 3 stages of pre-elimination rounds and the grand final. Please find out more below!