Sketch Contest


The top teams from each Pre-Battle (Stage 1) progress to Stage 2, the national finals, tournament. The winner team of each national final enters the Stage 3, the Sketching Competition. For this stage the teams battled it out on paper or canvas with MOLOTOW™ ONE4ALL markers. (Write4Gold hand out the Marker Sets to the winners at Stage2 to take home). Now it´s time to present the winners of Stage 3. 11 teams qualified from Stage 2 (National Events) and Stage 1 (Pre-Battles), 11 great artworks, Theme: Beat Street. Here is the result of the vote on facebook. Now, with a little delay, the jury commitee and ourself looked over the artworks and announce the final teams for Stage 4!

The following teams are qualified to the GRAND FINAL of this tournament.

TAD Russia / WILDBOYS Italy / KK Holland / BLUES Germany / GVS Portugal / EFECTS Hungary / TSF France / PIX Sweden

Stage 4: The GRAND FINAL

We will go to announce the location and the date for the final event as soon we have fixed all details. We are still working on the venue and terms with cooperating partners. Keep an eye out this page!

Have a look at the artworks (Overview)

Have a look at the process of each artwork (sorted by Team)

Team: TSF Crew (France)

Team: TAD (Russia)

Team: WIN (England)

Team: PIX (Sweden)

Team: NWO Crew (Russia)

Team: KK Crew (Holland)

Team: GVS (Portugal)

Team: eFects (Hungary)

Team: Blues (Germany)

Team: Wildboys (Italy)

Team: UCS (Lithuania)

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