Write4Gold Holland 2011

Write4Gold Holland

Some of you already know about it, for the very first time in the Write4Gold History we had to stop the contest at midday due the heavy rain in Amsterdam. (see photo above) There was no way to continue and finish the walls. But a dutch winner is needed, so we decided to run an additional sketch contest. Greyscale Sketch and a theme: Old School. Have a look below! Thanks to everyone involved in Write4Gold Holland, next time hopefully the sun is with us!

Write4Gold Holland 2011 – The Holland Chapter
Date: 16.07.2011 / Start: 12.00 Uhr
Website: metro54.nl
Jury: Bas2 (GHS Berlin)
Partner. Henxs.com, Urban Stylistix
Winner: KK Crew (Amsterdam/Holland)

Crews: Funky Tech / SCP / WKC / KK / 010