Write4Gold Italy 2011

The italian Write4Gold chapter is established in Rome (near the Ostia beach) since 2005 at the Spot Skatepark. Ostia is a district of Rome on the Tyrrhenian Sea. At and around The Spot there are numerous walls to paint, skateramps, two half-pipes, and a bubble. Write4Gold kicks off in Italy Saturday May 28th 2011, at The Spot skatepark in Ostia, Rome. Crews from all over the country will battle it out for a place at Write4Gold Stage 3 (Sketching Battle).

Write4Gold Italy 2011 – The Italian Chapter
Date: 28.05.2011 / Start: 10.00 am
Jury: Razor
Program: Simon Says Battle (16:30 – 20:30), DJ Performance, Breakdance, Basketball
Address: Via Domenico Baffigo 143, Ostia Lido , RM Italy, 00121
Website: thespotskate.it

Qualified Crews:

LDK Crew (Naples/Italy) TITLEHOLDER
Devil´s Night (Rome/Italy)
NSIS (Bari/Italy)
BN Crew (Milan/Italy)
Wildboys (Naples/Italy)
Aeroes (Rome/Italy)

Results Overall:
1. Wildboys (Naples/Italy) (qualified to Stage 3)
2. LDK Crew (Naples/Italy)
3. NSIS (Bari/Italy)

1. Devil´s Night
2. Wildboys
3. Aeroes

Throw Ups:
1. Wildboys
2. LDK Crew

Concept Painting:
1. Wildboys
3. LDK Crew